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The Marketplace That Instils Trust Into The Data Industry.

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A one-stop-shop for buying and selling external data safely.

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The App

Competitive, Secure & Intuitive.

Easy to use.

Search for data and live leads using the built in search bar, apply filters or select specific categories to find the data you're looking for with complete transparency. 



The Data Supermarket's features have been designed for the upmost protection for all parties involved.

Payment Protection on All Purchases

The Data Supermarket (TDS) knows how important it is to build trust, and that is why we hold all funds for 7 days in case of any disputes, with TDS being an impartial body, buying data has never been in safer hands.

Data Vendors Reviewed & Rated

All of the data vendors on TDS are rated and reviewed from buyers on the marketplace, we do not believe in data sharing, we believe in data vendors being responsible for their own reputation.

Data Vendors KYB Checked & Vetted 

All of our data vendors are vetted by our team and KYB checked upon sign up, bad data vendors will be removed and banned from the marketplace.

What a Data Marketplace Brings


Value for the whole industry

Accenture research estimates that by 2030, over 1 million organisations worldwide shall monetise their data assets, unlocking more than $3.6 trillion in value, TDS is perfectly placed to open the market to these organisations.



Vendors Keep an Eye on Your Sales

The Data Supermarket has an easy to use vendor Dashboard, keep an eye on your sales, listings, orders and disputes in a glance.

About Us

Our Story

Led by the belief that the data industry is outdated, old school & unsafe

We are here to change that, according to Maximise Market Research PVT LTD the data industry is worth a massive $270B per year, and is expected to hit $365B by 2027, with most data buyers feeling they have been mis sold data on numerous occasions, risking the future of their business will become a thing of the past. Our mission is simple, it's to make the data and lead industry safe.


Future Customers

The idea behind this platform is simply a breath of fresh air for an industry full of fraudsters, personally I can't wait for TDS to be live.

Mark Hughes

The thing that excites me most about the marketplace is we can actually see real reviews and ratings on all data sellers and datasets.

Will Robinson

Knowing my money is safe with TDS means no more risk and timely searches for legitimate and honest data suppliers. I can't wait.

Farukh Shah

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